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Julia, a Mystery CDP Blogger from Australia

Do you ever wonder about the mystery CDP bloggers?  The ones who seem to have few followers?  Who elicit just a single comment every few posts, but more often none at all?  Who don't seem to visit other CDP blogs, but who chug along, posting pretty faithfully day after day, year after year?

Julia is a mystery CDP blogger.  She doesn't tell us anything about herself, but a look at her blog, Newcastle NSW Au, tells us that she is passionate about environmental issues.  Julia began the blog more than ten years ago, in November 2006, and has posted consistently since then.

Let's surprise Julia.  Please click on this link and leave a comment of appreciation.


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02/21/17 11:20 pm

In Luray, Virginia.

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02/21/17 8:12 pm

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02/21/17 4:08 pm

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William Kendall 11:29pm Feb 21

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