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Seven is a Lucky Number in Stavanger, Norway

On June 20, 2009, Gunn White sat at her computer and posted the first photograph on her new blog, Stavanger Daily Photo.  She showed a stylish image of the coffee shop where she and a friend had enjoyed cups of coffee earlier in the day.  Ever since -- every single day, missing none -- Gunn has posted photos of her lovely city, introducing viewers worldwide to the beauty of her part of coastal Norway.

Over the years, Gunn has shown us cruise ships visiting Stavanger, local festivals, stores, restaurants, busy street scenes and quiet farmland, and the residents and visitors who make Stavanger a happy home for Gunn.  She has welcomed CDP bloggers visiting Norway and has met some on her own travels.  Back at her Stavanger home, Gunn has learned more about the world as she visits blogs of her CDP friends.  Thank you for being a valued member of the City Daily Photo community, Gunn.


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