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December's Theme - "Worker"

The December theme of “Worker” comes to us from Kate, whose hometown blog is “Visual St. Paul.”  Kate began to post on CDP in 2006 when there were far fewer bloggers.  There were about 30-50 members at that time.  The growth has been phenomenal!

Kate is a retired educator who spent 28 years teaching English Literature and Writing to terrific students at St. Paul Academy-Summit School, an independent, non-denomination college prep school.  Although she misses her students, she claims "Retirement Rocks!" She now spends her time on CDP posting in addition from Mazatlán, México, and Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, while escaping harsh Midwest winters.

St. Paul is the state capital of Minnesota.  The metropolitan area is "the best kept secret" of "fly-over country.”  It is a cultural hotspot, hosting world class orchestras, numerous theatres, quality art museums and galleries, liberal arts colleges as well as the large University of Minnesota, with two campuses.  It's also the home of the NFL football team, the Minnesota Vikings and Twins baseball team and winter ski slopes. The Twin Cities (St. Paul and Minneapolis) are within close driving distance to the Boundary Waters and the North Shore of Lake Superior. The state boasts 10,000 lakes. Mayo Clinic sees patients from around the world; it is also close to St. Paul, where medical care is superb.

This “Worker” theme photo was taken last spring when Ordway Center for the Performing Arts in downtown St. Paul was being renovated and expanded. The worker willing obliged Kate’s request for a photo while taking a short break for lunch at a food cart in Rice Park.  Which worker will you show us from your city?


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DECEMBER 2014 THEME - Worker

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December's Theme - "Worker"

11/15/14 11:21 am

The December theme of “Worker” comes to us from Kate, whose hometown blog is “Visual St. Paul.”   Kate began to post on CDP in 2006 when there were far fewer bloggers.  There were about 30-50 members at that time.  The growth has been phenomenal! Kate is...

November's theme announced - "Landmark"

10/14/14 5:18 am

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