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Let’s Look in Your Shop Window on December 1

Thanks to  Vrenni from  to thank for this month's theme suggestion!

Verena --  also known as Vreni -- was born in Vienna, Austria, Europe, and she has never lived anywhere else.  She loves her hometown, but also likes to travel and explore other cities.  Vreni has a special love affair with Paris.

Vreni has always worked in the cultural sphere.  Her interest in modern art, design and architecture are evident in “  Vrenni's Vienna Daily Photo,” which she started in 2010 after following “Paris Daily Photo” for several months.  When she published the first photo, she thought about the blog just as “a crazy idea” and had not the slightest concept of what it takes to take 365 different photos a year.  

Now Vreni never leaves her apartment without her digital camera, though most of her photos are taken during her Sunday afternoon walks or “photo safaris” as she likes to call them.  Keeping her eyes open has helps Vreni to see Vienna in a new way and notice things that she had previously ignored or taken for granted.


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