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Terrell Daily Photo

#TBT Memorial Stadium in Terrell, TX

St. Louis Daily Photo

The Vision Thing

Lisbon and the Sunny Coast

Decay (CV)

Eagan Daily Photo

Parking lot xylophones

Visual St. Paul

Utilitarian Fence

mancunian wave

Tourist season...

Tamarindo, Costa Rica Daily Photo

Modern art at the Diria

Scottsdale Daily Photo

Photo: Mountain Lion

Naples and Hartford in Season

56 Arbor Street: Real Art Ways

Merisi's Vienna for Beginners

Apricots in the Sky and on the PlateAn Apricot Tree grows in Vienna

Sydney Daily Photo

Uniting Church, Newtown

Prescott Area Daily Photo

Big Hat

Orange Slices

Heavenly Peace

East Gwillimbury CameraGirl

Greener There?

Mainz Daily Photo

Putting on the Rizzi reloaded

Fresh eyes on London

Community Garden

Torino In My eyes

Concert of the Festa Di Carabinieri

Avignon in Photos

Sous le soleil exactement

Avignon in Photos

Electric blue

Phoenix Daily Photo

Unique Mailboxes

Meandering In Lotus Land


Salt Spring Photos

Environmental Excavation

Sequim Daily Photo

Summer tenant

Greenville Daily Photo

Throwback Thursday: Hot Dog King

Tucson Daily Photo ~

Yes, you read it right!

Melbourne Snaps


Victoria Daily Photo

Songhees Point

Santa Fe Daily Photo

Viva Mexico!

Ginnels Gates and Ghosts

Historical Sign

Photo Carraol Images of Mexico City

Bikers Club

Colorado Springs Daily Photo

The one-legged goose

Yogyakarta Daily Photo (Indonesia)

Becak motor, inovasi atau kehilangan jati diri akan sebuah becak?

Downey Daily Photos

Show me the beef

Berlin 365

Haus am Waldsee

Saltaire Daily Photo

Hirst Locks garden

Amboise Daily Photo

the banner

Sydney - City and Suburbs

Coogee Surf Life Saving Club

Downey Daily Photos

Neighborhood 4th of July celebration

Austin, Texas Daily Photo

Liz hits some sweet notes.

Paris Through My Lens

Le Chef

Birmingham Alabama Daily Photo

Cool In The Pool

Small City Scenes of Stanwood

Rodeo Fence for Thursday's Fence


Herb Garden Redoubt Kotka blooms / redutti kukkii

Speedway Daily Photo

Rainy Day/Sipping Chai

Plymouth Daily Photo

I'll give him one more minute then ............

Bolzano Daily Photo

Timmelsjoch Hochalpenstrasse

Boise, Idaho

Red and Blue Bikes

One Photograph a Day

MLK Memorial

Menton Daily Photo

The Old 2 CV

Living In Williamsburg, Virginia

Herb Heaven, Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia


Canada Jay at Bloomingdale Bog

The View from Squirrel Ridge

Bird Interrupted by Squirrel

Out and About in New York City


Ottawa Daily Photo

Some Geese Are Born Great

Downey Daily Photos

Morning neighborhood walk

Stealing Hamilton

flowers and lager

Paris and Beyond

Sur le quai de la Seine

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

Rain on the horizon

Greensboro Daily Photo

Common Grounds

Melbourne Today

Cold night  — with Michael Blamey Photography

AntiguaDailyPhoto.Com | AntiguaDailyPhoto.Com

Good News from Guatemala: Helping The Shoe Shine Kids Prepare for a Better Future

Yogyakarta Daily Photo (Indonesia)

Selamat pagi... tetap semangat untuk hari ini!

Mumbai daily

Thursday challenge - REFLECTIONS (Mirrors, Windows, Anything Shiny,...)

una foto por día




Vreni's Vienna Daily Photo

Work in Progress

levenshulme daily photo


Nottingham Daily Photo


B l o i s D a i l y P h o t o

The Watchful Stag – Le cerf vigilant

Nottingham Daily Photo

The Universe In A Jar


Parking garage

Photos From Haninge


Chateaubriant Daily Photo

L'amour vache

Livorno Daily Photo

At 1 P.M.


Landing at Les Invalides



Valladolid Daily Photo

Noches en San Benito

Grenoble Daily Photo.

24.07.14 // La semaine bleue (3).

Charleston Daily Photo

Celebrating summer with tomato pie

A Yankee-in-Belgrade

Street music

Stavanger Daily Photo


Abingdon Blog

Masons at 75

Gem City Images

Krikorian Premiere Theatres

Hyde Daily Photo Volume 2

Sheffield or Stockport

Today Around Coventry Daily Photo

B Is For Britain From Above

Auckland - West

160,000 Bees

Amboise Daily Photo

coucher du soleil sur l'hôtel de ville

Cape Town Daily Photo

Dragon boats in action

The View From Right Here

A Farm Boy’s Dream – Rurality Blog Hop #71

Iceland Eyes


Barcelona Daily Photo

Decisions, decisions...

The View from Squirrel Ridge

Glen Burnie Busts

Bergen Daily Photo - EverydayBergen

Waiting. For better time.



Chennai Daily Photo

River and sea

Merisi's Vienna for Beginners

Vienna off the beaten PathOr is it? Coffee's included, no matter what



Bolzano Daily Photo

Industrial murals 8

Yogyakarta Daily Photo (Indonesia)

Tak ada hand brake, sandal pun jadi.. ;p


SureStrike Bowling Centre

Stayton (Oregon) Daily Photo | Stayton (Oregon) Daily Photo

One Big Rainbow

Salem, Oregon Daily Photo Diary

The "Lay-Dees"

Boise Daily Photo

Good Morning Hummingbird

New York City Photography Blog by James Maher

Welcome to New York

Sydney - Australia

Down to the street

Visual St. Paul

Beautiful Birch-ABC Wednesday "B"

Hood Photography

Upper North Falls

Funchal Daily Photo

tree woman

Lisbon and the Sunny Coast

Aziz's Little Corner

Living In Williamsburg, Virginia

The Shoemaker's Helper, Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Hull and Hereabouts

Laura Norder

Sydney Daily Photo

"Smile Please"

Durango Daily Photo

When I'm Cleaning Windows

Port Elizabeth Daily Photo

Approaching storm

Occasional Toronto

Community Garden

Around Roanoke, VA (A Daily Photo Blog)

ABC Wednesday - B is for Big Shot


Dag van nationale rouw

Terrell Daily Photo

Welcome to Terrell

newcastle nsw au photos COAL CAPITAL. FOSSIL FUEL EXPORTER

Sydney - Australia

Hidden Sydney

Portland Daily Photo by Corey Templeton

Narrow Gauge & Co.

Eagan Daily Photo

Sidewalk view


Wood Work

East Gwillimbury CameraGirl


Photos From Haninge


Hove Daily Photo

The other end

Photo Roma

Tram Tracks: Rock'n Roll Time!

Mumbai daily

ABC Wednesday - B

Photo Roma

Tram Tracks: C'mon let's do it!

Quincy Daily Photo

Not Red

Venlo Daily Photo


Scottsdale Daily Photo

Photo: Desert Bighorn Sheep

Tamarindo, Costa Rica Daily Photo

Diria Pool and Statuary at Night

Greensboro Daily Photo

B is for Bees

Naples and Hartford in Season

56 Arbor Street: Hartford Prints

mancunian wave

ABC Wednesday: "B" is for Bill's, breakfast to bedtime

Prescott Area Daily Photo


Orange Slices

North Stonington Fair

Sendai Photo Blog | Pictures of northern Japan


Sendai Photo Blog | Pictures of northern Japan

Evening Bird

Sendai Photo Blog | Pictures of northern Japan

Mt Izumi Through the Clouds

Sendai Photo Blog | Pictures of northern Japan

Hazy Mt. Izumi

Sendai Photo Blog | Pictures of northern Japan


Sendai Photo Blog | Pictures of northern Japan

The House

Sendai Photo Blog | Pictures of northern Japan

In the Rice

Yogyakarta Daily Photo (Indonesia)

Rehat sembari menunggu konsumen tertarik membeli..

Sendai Photo Blog | Pictures of northern Japan

The Best Looking Weed

Sendai Photo Blog | Pictures of northern Japan


Phoenix Daily Photo

Bringing back memories

Meandering In Lotus Land

Lunchtime ...


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Take Away Store (Take-Out to some) - August's Theme Announced.

07/10/14 6:04 am

Jo from “A View of Sydney” has offered “Take Away Store” as the theme for CDP bloggers on August 1.  Jo started a photo blog in the middle of 2011.  After posting for a few months, she discovered that other bloggers around the world were posting photos daily, so Jo...

July’s Theme Day Announced – Celebrating Summer

06/17/14 11:46 am

“Celebrating Summer” is the CDP theme for July.  It was contributed by Daryl Edelstein, whose daily photo blog is “out & about in new york city.”   Daryl lives with her husband (a/k/a “toonman”) in a brownstone near Riverside Park and works in the media industry in Time...

June’s Theme Announced – “Zest!”

05/14/14 4:54 am

RedPat from “Occasional Toronto” was given the mission of choosing an emotion for our June Theme. She wanted a positive emotion, so she picked “Zest,” which encompasses energy, exhilaration, vitality, enthusiasm, and probably some other interpretations that will surely pop up on...


04/19/14 4:29 am

Jim from “Sydney - City and Suburbs” has offered the theme of ‘Squares’ for the City Daily Photo monthly theme day on the first of May. The Sydney blog was started in 2006 but Jim only began posting photos daily from late 2008. Jim lives in a suburb of Sydney, 11 kilometers south of the c...


AUGUST 2014 THEME - Take Away Store

I'm yet to try putting my card in the bin and then dipping my hand in to see what sort of cash I can find, but I'm sure it would work, why else would the sign be there? If your local take-away store is a bit beyond run of the mill like this place on the M1 somewhere in the Midlands o...