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City Daily Photo portal is up

Please note that City Daily Photo is revived. The banner is new and the portal is active. If you are a City Daily Photo Blogger, and you don’t find your post here, please click on the Join Button and we will add you again. If you are having problems, with the site, please provide a description of the issue using the Feedback Button.

Note that the popular theme day Linky is available. Please plan on participating and encourage others by leaving comments on their blog.

Note that addition features are available. Specifically:

  • The search box will show results from all City Daily Photo sites. So if you post a photo about hot air balloons you can search to see what other bloggers in the community have shared on the same subject.
  • A public forum which will focus on encouraging new members. Find the forums in menu as (about > forum)
  • A private forum which will focus on detail discussions such has how to change the background color in blogger or the benefits of posting photos in web friendly format.

September Gallery – A FAVOURITE PHOTO

Is this goodbye?
We can say for sure that the City Daily Photo Portal has had its time and is unlikely to resurface any time soon, but perhaps we will have more Theme Day News in the coming week or so.
Watch this space!
In the meantime on the first of September let’s celebrate all theme days past with a FAVOURITE PHOTO.