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This version of the City Daily Photo Portal was created  by Peter Hyndman whose Sunshine Coast Daily Photo – Australia was commenced in 2008. After ten years of service, Peter has passed the torch to Bob Crowe. He has published St. Louis Daily Photo since 2007.

Eric Tenin, (and it still doesn’t seem right to say “formerly of Paris Daily Photo”) was the original owner of the “City Daily Photo” domain and was the founder of City Daily Photo. Control of the domain passed to Peter Hyndman and then recently to Bob Crowe

We live mostly on opposite sides of the world but we try to work as a team. Eric has a day job and business responsibilities which have taken him from the daily face of the portal some time ago. Peter on the other hand spends his life trying to avoid responsibility and is rarely in one place long enough to hold a conversation even if he was. It was time for someone new to take over the controls and Bob accepted the job.

This does place remarkable strain on the smooth running of the portal from time to time, so the patience and support of all users is gratefully ackowledged, particularly that of Jack Keane who has taken the responsibility for co-ordinating theme day topics for some years and seems to step in whenever communication gaps start to look more like yawning chasms! This is Bob’s responsibility now, too.

We gratefully acknowledge the coding wizardry of our colleague Denton Harryman of Charlotte Daily Photo. Since ownership of the domain and administration of the Facebook Group have passed to Bob, Denton has fully reconstructed the CDP website including the popular theme days. All features will be operational soon.

Please feel free to get in touch with us via email or through the City Daily Photo Facebook Group.


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