Theme Days

December Gallery – Luxury

Louis Vuitton store, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California.

The CDP theme for December 2022, is luxury. This may mean expensive stuff, cars, jewelry, oligarchs’ yachts. something that most people cannot obtain. But is can also involve experiences that are unique or hard to reach. Buddha, Jesus, etc. may not approve but CDP members have ways of finding something very special for themselves.


The CDP theme for November, 2022, is soft. We might first think of something soft to touch, like a stuffed animal or a delicate flower. However, something can be visually soft, as in the example here. If you are really creative, can you  make a visual image of a soft sound?The Linky is open now through November 3.


The City Daily Photo October theme is rest, sleep or relaxation. Although you can tell from the pictures that CDP members are on the go, everyone needs to chill out once in awhile. After all, we need to keep out right index fingers supple and ready to go. Sometimes just a catnap will do. The Linky will be open from September 28 to October 5.

July Theme Day: Transparent

The City Daily Photo July theme is Transparent. This one is a challenge. What can we see through that we can still see in a photograph? As an example, I keep a crystal ball on my desk. The bottom has an inscription by the artist Jenny Holzer that says THE FUTURE IS STUPID. Underneath is a Chinese 10 yuan note I kept as a souvenir and, you know, just in case. What can our members see and see through? The Linky is open from June 25 to July 4.

June Theme Day – The Road

We’ve all been on them, long or short. Roads may take us where we want to go or someplace completely unexpected. Each of us finds our own road through life. The barren highway in the Argentine Andes pictured above will take you to Chile, if that’s your destination. This month City Daily Photo members show us where they have been or their journey’s end.

May Theme Day – Shadows

The CDP theme day for May 1, 2022, is Shadows. They hide from the sun, yet they move. They may be hard, even harsh, created by a spotlight in a dim room. They may be ephemeral, cast from the glow of a flickering candle. Where do light and dark meet in your city? The Linky is open from April 28 to May 4, 2022.

April 2022 Gallery – Symmetry

The CDP theme day for April 1, 2022, is Symmetry. We may think of something with two imirror-image halves. But symmetry can be more complex, anything from a Star of David to the dome of the Florence Duomo to ways of writing a musical fugue. What is reflected upon itself in your city? This is a photo of a box of tissues on my desk that I suppose I took one day when I was bored at work. The Linky is open from March 28 to April 3, 2022.

March Gallery – Solitude

There are many ways to be alone. It may be by choice, as with some aesthetics. Some seek it in the wilderness. There are unfortunate people who are, not by choice, isolated within a community. This photo from X’ian, China, illustrates how completely cut off we can be even though not alone. This month City Daily Photo members shine a spotlight on people in their communities who are separate from society.