Bob Crowe

June Gallery – Smile

The City Daily Photo theme is Smile. They can reflect a wide range of feelings. Think of a parent and baby, a sports champion or The Joker. CDP members may show us smiles of joy, love or something with a bit of an edge. The Linky is open from May 25 to June 5.

May Theme – Museums

The City Daily Photo May theme is museums. We might quickly think of our local art museum, if we have one, but there all sorts of museums about everything. What’s in your town? This picture, which I think has some sweet irony, was taken at the San Francisco Museum of Contemporary Art. I’ll have something local and unexpected on the first of the month.

April 2023 Theme – My Favorite Toy

The CDP theme for April is my favorite toy. Those of us with some money to spend and who live in technologically advanced societies usually have lots of electronic gizmos to amuse us. But you don’t need a single working electron to play with a top, a kite or a sock puppet. I’m afraid that I’m in the first category. My iPhone is probably my second favorite toy. Number One will be revealed on theme day itself.

March Theme Day – Comfort Food

The CDP theme for March is comfort food. When we are anxious or depressed or lonely, there is some edible treat that will that will sooth our minds and hearts, as well as our appetite. City Daily Photo has members all over the world so the range of treats is bound to be wide.  The Linky will be open for the next week.

The illustration is my granddaughters, Ellie and Audrey, snarfing down birthday cake some years ago. Their birthdays are two days apart although their ages are two years apart. Pure pleasure.

February Gallery – Virtue

The CDP theme for February is virtue. As I began to prepare the announcement I realized how hard a concept this may be to represent in a photo. Combing 9 or 10 years of my archives found only a few possibilities. Maybe I’m just not drawn to the light side of the force. Under the circumstances, I’m leaving the Linky open longer than usual, from January 25 to February 5. The example here is a dose of spirituality found on a taxi in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

January Gallery – Photo Of The Year

As is our custom, the City Daily Photo theme for January is Photo Of The Year. The members posted thousands of picture in 2022. Which is their very best? This is one of my favorites from my year’s archive, an overview of the spectacular new mirrored overlook at The Summit in Manhattan. To give everyone time to review their work, the Linky will be open from December 30, 2022 to January 4, 2023.

December Gallery – Luxury

Louis Vuitton store, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California.

The CDP theme for December 2022, is luxury. This may mean expensive stuff, cars, jewelry, oligarchs’ yachts. something that most people cannot obtain. But is can also involve experiences that are unique or hard to reach. Buddha, Jesus, etc. may not approve but CDP members have ways of finding something very special for themselves.


The CDP theme for November, 2022, is soft. We might first think of something soft to touch, like a stuffed animal or a delicate flower. However, something can be visually soft, as in the example here. If you are really creative, can you  make a visual image of a soft sound?The Linky is open now through November 3.


The City Daily Photo October theme is rest, sleep or relaxation. Although you can tell from the pictures that CDP members are on the go, everyone needs to chill out once in awhile. After all, we need to keep out right index fingers supple and ready to go. Sometimes just a catnap will do. The Linky will be open from September 28 to October 5.