Bob Crowe

March Gallery – Mirrors

City Daily Photo’s March theme day is mirrors. Do you see yourself, a reflection of something else or a fun house set of reflections receding into infinity? Lots of room for creativity here. What can you think up?

February Theme Day – Smile

There have been a lot of long faces everywhere in the world for the last year or so. CDP members would like to suggest a cure for that, and so the February theme is Smile. The Linky opens just after midnight on Sunday, January, 31. and closes just before midnight on Friday, February 5, U.S. Central Time (GMT -6). C’mon, bloggers, cheer us up.

September Gallery – A FAVOURITE PHOTO

Is this goodbye?
We can say for sure that the City Daily Photo Portal has had its time and is unlikely to resurface any time soon, but perhaps we will have more Theme Day News in the coming week or so.
Watch this space!
In the meantime on the first of September let’s celebrate all theme days past with a FAVOURITE PHOTO.