City Daily Photo November Gallery – Kind

On November 1, 2020, City Daily Photo members send us images of kindness from around the world. Heaven knows we could use more of it.

5 thoughts on “City Daily Photo November Gallery – Kind”

    1. Luiz, sorry that we are having a problem with the theme day Linky. To link your post please click on the link which says “Click here” to enter your link and view … one the Linky page appears there is a link at the bottom titled “click here to enter”

      1. Thank you. The first time I entered here, on my phone, this link was not visible and I closed and opened this page a couple of times with no better result. So I went to the computer and then I found the Linkytools list. (I had quite a problem to upload the photo from the computer) Now I got it, finally. Thanks again

  1. All, please note that the linky has been fixed and the theme contributions now appear. Thank you for your patience while we worked around this glitch.

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